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Connecting to God & the Kingdom Series

Connecting to God & the Kingdom Series

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We live in an increasingly technology driven world. Facebook, Snap-Chat and social media have replaced face-to-face communication and the ability connect with people is becoming more and more difficult. Developing long-distance, online relationships is deemed more valuable than developing relationships with the people we live with, interact with and see every day. And it is in this techno-environment that believers must exist in relationship with a God who desires to know them intimately!

In this powerful series, Dr. Dana Carson teaches how faith, refusing to worry and seeking the Kingdom of God helps you walk in a fulfilling, close, personal relationship with God. You will learn:

  • How to KNOW God instead of KNOWING OF God
  • How man lost his connection with God and to get it back
  • The difference between the vertical and horizontal relationships and their impact on your walk with God
  • Three things you will do if you really have a heart for God
  • And much, much more!

Series Messages Include:

  • Connecting to the King: Putting God First
  • Reconnecting to God
  • Restitution, Reconciliation, Restoration
  • The Pursuit of Passion: A Heart for God
  • The Power of Value
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