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Kingdom Team-Building Series

Kingdom Team-Building Series

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The Apostle Paul in his letters to the churches frequently discussed a concept that has great impact in the Kingdom, and that is the concept of the “Body of Christ”. Paul, in great detail, wrote with an urgency for the believers to understand that Christianity is not lived out alone, or in isolation. But rather, that Christianity is a community faith and God expects the community of believers, the Body of Christ, to work together to fulfill His ultimate purpose. In this series, Dr. Carson teaches on the Body of Christ as a team, and what this teams looks like. You will also learn your role on the team and how not being apart of the team can ultimately end up in you walking away from God!

Messages Include:

  • Kingdom Teamwork Part 1
  • Kingdom Teamwork Part 2
  • The Body and the Team
  • The Team and Systems
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